Biological Sample Storage Dewars

The products have been developed over time and have benefited from advice and suggestions made by laboratory end-users. Improvements that follow are always designed to help customers work more safely and efficiently with liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is an essential tool in today’s modern laboratory. We believe its safe use demands the best equipment available.



Biorack Series Low Loss Storage Refrigerators

Ultra-Low loss storage refrigerators with internal racks holding 750 to 6000 2ml cryovials.

Statebourne - Biorack Series - Click Here


Biostor Open Dewars & Refrigerators

A range of Wide Neck Refrigerators and Open Dewars (OD Series) for laboratory process, bench top and industrial freezing applications.

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Bio Series to store Straws & Cryovials

Refrigerators with internal canisters for the storage of straws or cryovials on canes.

Statebourne - Seires to Store Straws - Click Here


Biotrek Transportable Dry-Shippers for Samples

Transportable dry-shippers for the safe movement of valuable samples at near LN2 temperature.

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Cold Blood Storage                                                                          Semen Storage                                                                                           Embryo Storage

Stem Cell                                                                                           Dry Shipper                                                                                                  IVF