Liquid  Storage

All Cryolabs are designed and manufactured to the very latest standards and offer strength and durability within a lightweight high-efficiency package.

State of the art super-insulation and ultra-high vacuum techniques ensure unrivalled thermal efficiency and vacuum life.

With a range of storage capacities from 2 to 50 litres and an array of accessories designed to facilitate safe and reliable liquid nitrogen handling the Cryolab Series are ideal for laboratory applications.

DISPENSING SOLUTIONS: The Cryolabs can be fitted with various types of accessories to dispense LN2 for various applications

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Liquid Storage Dewars

Cryolab High Performance Storage Dewars. High performance aluminium dewars for storage of liquid nitrogen.

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Cryogenic Liquid Cylinders

Portable and vacuum-insulated, our vast array of models will fit your needs and store your contents safely and securely every time.

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Beverage Carbonation

CO2 Solutions for food service, industrial, and water.  Convenient, simple and durable, the complete EasyCarb series is designed to make your job easier.

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Cryocycl Microbulk Solutions

Covering every mode of supply from low pressure N2 for cell storage and O2 delivery for oxygen therapy up to the highest flow high pressure laser applications.

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ISO & Large Capacity Tanks

The Bulk Liner series of ISO intermodal cryogenic containers offer the very latest in innovation from Statebourne.

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Helistor Helium Dewar For Storage & Transport

Stainless steel self-pressurising dewars for storage and dispensing liquid nitrogen

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Vertical & Horizontal Storage

Taylor-Wharton offers a complete range of vertical and horizontal Bulk Tanks.

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Cord Blood              Semen                               Laser Cutting/Welding          MRI                                      Ice Cream                                  Cryotherapy

Stem Cells              IVF                                     Dermatology                            Medical Oxygen                Freezing Applications              Space Research

Embryo                    Metal Fabrication            Gynaecology                            Food & Beverage              ICP/MS/GC                                 Biological Research