Biological Sample Storage Freezers

Biosystem Access series – These units can be run in liquid or vapour phase and come complete with processor, level sensor and temperature probe. All units are fitted with twin fill valves for extra security.

Biosystem Arctic series – These units are similar to the Biosystem Access units,  However, they are fitted with a copper lining and extra tall plinth, so can only be run in vapour phase. The plinth keeps samples above the LN2 and the copper lining reduces the storage temperature to -190 C. So all samples are stored in an extra cold ‘dry’ chamber.     


Biosystem Wide-Neck Easy Access Biobanks

Automatic liquid nitrogen refrigerators for storage from 10,000 to 98,000 vials in vapour and liquid Phase.

Statebourne - Wide Neck - Click Here


Biostor Open Dewars & Refrigerators

A range of Wide Neck Refrigerators and Open Dewars (OD Series) for laboratory process, bench top and industrial freezing applications.

Statebourne - Open Dewars - Click Here


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