Altitude  Chamber

Opsys is a world leader in simulated altitude systems that create the reduced oxygen environments found at altitude, but without any of the adverse pressure effects. Ever mounting scientific evidence indicates that both sleeping and training in reduced oxygen atmospheres delivers significant benefits in aerobic efficiency and cardiovascular performance.

Simulated Altitude Training (SAT) has been utilised for many years by the world’s top sporting professionals, and in many sports and athletic disciplines it is now increasingly difficult to reach the highest levels without incorporating altitude training into training schedules.

These translate directly into improved performance, increased work capacity and faster recovery, with benefits in aerobic and anaerobic fueled activities. Opsys have developed unequalled technology, which, when combined with their specialist knowledge of training regimes and protocols, provides the ultimate SAT experience, and the maximum performance improvement. Opsys also has unrivaled expertise in providing guidance and training on the current usage of its systems towards maximum physical benefit, as used by some of the world’s leading sports organisations. Opsys also offers full control of temperature and humidity, which, together with simulated altitude, allows virtually any climate on earth to be recreated – from a tropical rainforest to the Arctic tundra. This is ideal for pre-acclimatisation for competing abroad as well as creating special environments to enhance the training experience.


    Physical Benefits

    Lung Efficiency

    Mitochondria Production

    Red Blood Cell Count

    Capillary Function