Liquid Nitrogen Generators

RANGE OF ON-SITE LIQUID NITROGEN GENERATORS The fastest growing liquid nitrogen generator company with the ‘coolest’ plug and produce LN2 solutions. An oil-fee air compressor, internal PSA nitrogen generator combined with a cryo-cooler, helium compressor and internal dewar all controlled through a colour graphic HMI touch-screen and in-house designed control software gives a fully automated system at the touch of a button. 

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Teseo’s revolutionary zero leak aluminium piping product line results from decades of research and the installation of thousands of distribution systems worldwide. Our aluminium profiles are suitable for both drops and main pipes.

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Biomedical Accessories

Temperature Monitoring                       Liquid Level Control  

Cryogenic Accessories                         Laboratory Safety

Protective Equipment                           Data logging

Personal Accessories                            Alarms

Hoses & Adapters

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On Site Nitrogen Generation                                  Speciality Gas Pipe Lines                                 ICP/MS/GC                                   Biological Research