The cryogenic air separation achieves high purity oxygen of more than 99.5%. The resulting high purity product can be stored as a liquid and/or filled into cylinders. These cylinders can even be distributed to customer in the medical sector, welding or mixed with other gases and used as breathing gas for diving. Typical production ranges from 50Nm3/hour up to 860.000Nm3/hour.



A complete line of aluminium low or high pressure ambient and specialty vaporisers.

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Aluminium Fan Forced Vaporisers

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Steam Heated

The tank, vaporizer coil and cover are manufactured from stainless steel. The tank has an automatic steam control valve
that maintains the water temperature. The steam control equipment includes the main control valve with bypass line and
isolation valves, strainer and steam trap.

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Ambient                                                                    Steam                                                                Hot Bath                                                                  Forced Draft