Fabrication & Welding
Pipeline, laboratory, and cryogenic installations. 


Opsys Cryogenic Division designs, supplies, installs and commissions Industrial gas systems from bulk storage farms to the final point of use. Operations include all pipework, safety systems, drop point regulators and consultation. Expert in orbital welding and additional services offered include industrial gas usage, high purity gases for laboratories and liquid nitrogen lines for cryogenic storage (Cryo freeze).

Our veteran cryogenic technicians are able to repair almost any pump reciprocating or centrifugal. We house large inventories of parts enabling prompt delivery and maintain customer service program that provides quick response for service, spare parts or repair needs. Opsys facility uses only genuine parts, maintaining the highest standards of quality in the cryogenic equipment industry.



From the service department we offer repairing / servicing of all associated equipment from cryogenic storage vessels, cryogenic pumps, manifolds, vaporizers and any other associated equipment. With the vacuum pump fitted with a booster we have started to repair cryogenic storage units and VIPL.

Installation Services

  • Oil and gas services
  • Orbital Weliding
  • Light fabrication
  • High Purity Gas lines
  • Gas chromatography lines
  • Cryogenic Installations
  • High Pressure Manifolds and pipelines
  • Aluminimum Modular pipelines for air services and fluids (Teseo)
  • Cylinder storage cages
  • Gas mixing & blending control panels
  • SS ferral and orbital fittings

Bulk Tank Repairs

  • Vacuum Restoration
  • Valve Replacement & Repair
  • Leak Testing
  • Level & Pressure Gauge Service & Calibration
  • SRV Repair, Calibration 3rd Party Certificate
  • Bursting Disk Replacement
  • Circuitry Refurbishment or Replacement
  • Vessel Cosmetics, Shot blasting & Repainting
  • Vessel Continuous Certificate with 3rd Party
  • Vessel Installation
  • Pipeline Control System
  • Customer Pipelines Installations

Liquid Cylinder Overhaul & Repair

  • Inspect and test valves, gauges & piping
  • Repair leaks re-evacuation and 24 hour
  • Sandblast, prime and paint carbon steel
  • Rebuff and hand polish head on stainless steel
  • Replace damaged plumbing, gauges valves and regulators
  • Repair damaged foot ring - Other Services Carried Out

Maintenance & Services

Our preventative maintenance services include the following types of equipment and services …

  • Compressed Air systems - Compressors, Dryers, Filters, Buffer Vessels & pipeline equipment
  • Vacuum systems - Pumps, Filters, Buffer Vessels & Pipeline equipment
  • Bosster pumps - Service
  • Cryogenic pumps - Service


Aluminium Pipes & Fittings

Teseo pipes and fittings in aluminium for assembling distribution pipeworks for compressed air, vacuum and other fluids under pressure. (product lines AP and HBS).

  • Modular manifolds for machines and pneumatic control panels. (product line AM).
  • Accessories including benches, trolleys and pivoting arms to build production and assembling lines. (product lines ATS, SAB and WBA).

To complement the range of products, Teseo Srl grants a package of support services:

  • Sizing and design of compressed air networks.
  • Design of manifolds for machines.
  • Design of assembling and production lines.
  • Expert advise on norms and regulations, and pipework certification support.
  • Technical and commercial training for installers and dealers of TESEO products.

Cryogenic Valves & Insulation

We are the official distributor of Herose Equipment in GCC & Middle East

SS & Brass Safety Valves and changeover valves for cryogenic service and Air Gases

  • Safety Valves for gases, vapours and fluids
  • Safety Valves for cryogenic services

SS & Brass Valves for Cryogenic service and Air gases including spare parts

  • Global Valves
  • Control ValvesS
  • Check Valves
  • Fillsystem for cryogenic services


Cryogenic Vaporizers

Supply and manufacture a wide range of vaporisers. Our extended surface area design allows for a more economical vaporiser and reduced footprint - very useful when space is a problem. Apart from our standard configurations, customer specific designs are manufactured.

Available options include:

  • Ambient Vaporisers
  • Forced Draft Vaporisers
  • Steam Vaporisers
  • Submerged (water bath) Vaporisers
  • Trim Heaters (low pressure drop)
  • Single Pass Vaporisers (low pressure drop)
    • Low Pressure - Up to 2500 KPaG
    • Medium Pressure - Up to 7500 KPaG
    • High Pressure - Up to 30000 KPaG


Cryogenic Storage Equipment

Bulk vacuum perlite insulated storage tanks for liquid Nitrogen, Argon, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide are engineered for maximum flexibility and minimum installation cost.

Our optimized piping design makes operating and maintaining a bulk tank easier than ever. Readily accessible valves and controls provide ample clearance, facilitate operation and simplify maintenance procedures.

Other than our standard designs we can design to customer requirements.

Horizontal Storage 3000 litre up to 600 000 litre 150 Kpag to 4200 Kpag Vertical Storage 2500 litre up to 350 000 litre 150 Kpag go 4200 Kpag Microbulk tanks are designed with a broad range of working pressures up to 500 psig, with full stainless steel construction, from 240ℓ - 2900ℓ.

Vacuum Insulated Piping

Vacuum Jacketed Piping is the preferred piping solution for the safe, reliable, cost-effective transfer of cryogenic liquids from storage tanks to points-of-use within a processing plant. Vacuum Jacketed Piping is ideally suited to prevent product loss. The vacuum seal prevents heat loss due to convection, conduction, or radiation.

Vacuum Jacketed Piping consists of: An inner stainless steel pipe through which the cryogenic liquid flows.

An outer stainless steel pipe that seals a vacuum space forming the "vacuum jacket".

The line can comprise of a number of modules. These modules can be joined on site by welding with “site joints” or by bayonet couplings.

Size from 10mm to 150NB standard

Fully designed and manufactured to clients requirements.

Addition Services

  • Analyzing Equipment - Food packaging, welding blends room monitoring
  • Regulating Equipment - High Pressure, Low pressure Regulators, manifolds, point of use Industrial and high purity
  • Laboratory Equipment - Scales, fittings, point of use & room monitoring
  • Nitrogen Generator - In-house manufacture of all sizes nitrogen generators
  • Gas Detection - Our state-of-the-art Oxygen Analysis, Gas Detection, Inerting Control and Refrigerant Analysis systems are used in applications as varied as pharmaceutical, chemical, gas generation, automotive, biotech, process manufacturing, and marine systems across the globe. We are specialists in the design and supply of Oxygen Analysis and Inerting Control Systems for high demand, safety critical applications (SIL 2).


Opsys provides service and spare parts inventories for air separation plants, vaporizers and food freezing equipment. We specialize in the installation of industrial gas systems for laboratories and industrial gas plants and cover various activities, which are based on International Cryogenic Standards such as: ASME - BS - CGA - DIN.


Nitrogen is used to maintain the reservoir pressure of formations that have suffered diminished productivity over time from natural pressure depletion. The oil production of wells with limited gas reserves can be enhanced with reservoir pressure supplied by Nitrogen injection.

Nitrogen is also used extensively for the drilling, completion and work over of oil and gas wells. It is also used for pressure maintenance and gas storage in condensate formations. Nitrogen can be generated on-site at high pressure and low Oxygen levels to safely prevent ignition of flammable gases and to protect oil field tubular from down hole corrosion.



ZADCO Upper Zakum 750 - Design and supply equipment for Breathing Air Systems

Bouroge Innovation Centre - Orbital Welding 10,000m.

NEWRC Lab for ADDC - Installation of a full gas system from the SS manifolds, ½” Stainless steel piping network to 7 different laboratories for the following gases: Helium, Argon, Hydrogen, LPG, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Zero Air, Acetylene and then final drop point regulators.

NEWRC Lab for ADWEA - Installation / Replacement of all manifolds and replacement of the drop point regulators. Oxygen clean all line and then pressure test all new regulators.

Bouroge-2 Ruwais Lab - Design & manufacture special stainless steel panel mounted fittings to accommodate 203 drop point regulators. Supply all manifolds and drop point regulators.

UAE University Al Ain - Install manifold for Argon, ½” stainless steel piping and drop point regulators.

Al Tawam Hospital Al AiN - New Cyclotron imaging centre, installation of manifolds, ¼” Stainless Steel piping network, drop point regulators. Copper pipe for compressed Air including compressor, dryer buffer vessel and drop point regulators.

EPMI (Caracal) - Zayed Military City Installation of manifolds for Hydrogen, Methane, Argon and Nitrogen to 2 furnace for metal hardening.

Mill Feed laboratory Al Ain for the Rulers Office Abu Dhabi - Installation of liquid Argon manifold and ½” stainless steel network to QC laboratory.


The Office of HH the Crown Prince of Dubai - Supply, Installation Testing & Commissioning of High Purity Gas Services at Biotechnology Center.

Engineer’s Office - Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Medical Gas Distribution System for the Camel Forensic Laboratory at Al Lissailli.

Emerson UAE & KSA - Installation of Teseo Modular Piping for Emerson Climate Control in Saudi & Dubai Plants with total liner meters of 800m.

EIAST - New laboratory installation of liquid argon manifold and automatic manifolds for Nitrogen, Hydrogen & Methane, ¼” & ½” stainless steel piping network and drop point regulators.

C.I.D Lab Dubai Police Headquarters - Maintenance and upgrade existing system, new automatic manifolds, new cylinder cage for safety, oxygen monitor for oxygen levels in laboratories. Replace old lines and do yearly maintenance on full system.

CRVL Zabeel Stables - replace old manifold for helium and nitrogen, pressure test full system and check operation of pipeline.

Alstom Power Generation - Installation of Manifolds for Hydrogen, Argon, Bulk Oxygen pressure system, ½” Stainless Steel pipeline and Copper for Oxygen, pressure test system and commission for manufacturing.

Al Futtaim Bodycote - New lab in Dubai Investment Park, Full installation, Manifolds for Liquid Argon, Nitrogen, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, Acetylene, ½” & ¼” Stainless Steel lines to six different laboratories, manufacture cylinder cage and install drop point regulators.

FTV Proclad - Supply and installation 216M3/hr Hydrogen & Argon and 216M3/Hr Helium & Argon blending units and buffer vessels.

Shimadzu Analytical Equipment - Demonstration laboratory Jebal Ali Free Zone installation of cylinder regulators and ¼” stainless steel pipeline and drop point regulators.

Contech Engineering - Installation of 5KM of industrial gas pipeline for Oxygen, Argon, CO2 & Acetylene.

CRYO Save - Liquid nitrogen technologies for preserving of stem cell units. Installation of Vacuum insulated pipeline for liquid nitrogen, maintenance and service of Taylor Wharton cryogenic systems.

Dubai Police General H.Q - New State of Security Head Office laboratory using Nitrogen, Argon, Helium & Vacuum lines. All joints orbital welding.


Oman Royal Hospital - New Cyclotron imaging centre, installation of manifolds, ¼” Stainless Steel piping network, drop point regulators. Teseo Modular Pipe for compressed Air including compressor, dryer buffer vessel and drop point regulators.


ORYX GTL – Vacuum restoration – 140,000 litre liquid nitrogen storage vessel pump-down