Every CAP9 System is built on the belief that your information, time and materials are too important to leave to chance.


CAP9 proactive approach of fire prevention is made possible by leveraging technology that has been used by the high performance sport training community for over twenty years. No additives are ever introduced in the CAP9 process – it’s just pure, clean air.




Ideal candidates for the CAP9 fire prevention system include: cold storage warehouses, automated warehouses, data centers, high value storage facilities, library and museum archives, and operations and control rooms. The CAP9 environment provides the protected area with very clean air to breathe, a low oxygen (anti-oxidizing) environment to protect critical materials, and a system redundancy that affords a peace of mind that no other system can offer.



Ambient air is compressed and filtered to laboratory standards and then passed through custom membranes that strip away excess oxygen molecules.

The outcome is a hyperoxic by-product, which is discharged to the atmosphere, and a hypoxic product that is sent to the room being protected. In the protected room the oxygen level is carefully monitored by a redundant sensor array supplying feedback to the CAP9 controller which maintains the ideal hypoxic range for the product being protected. The CAP9 system is designed to maintain the protected environment range within +/- 0.1% oxygen levels.

As the protected room is sealed from infiltrating outside air, the contents are protected both actively and passively. Internal smoke detectors warn of pyrolytic processes and external alarms signal technical issues long before the efficacy of the protected environment is ever compromised.



We believe that a safety system must be certified and tested by the highest authorities in safety and function. 

CAP9 is the first and only fire prevention system that has been through the most rigorous and stringent testing process, leading to the approval of the world’s largest product safety testing and certification organization.

CAP9 is the safest product on the market. 


A fire safety system must be reliable.

That is why the CAP9 Fire Prevention System has been engineered to deliver a probability of failure of only once in every 1,141 year. 


We believe that synergy between hardware and the software creates an adaptive, flexible and intelligent fire prevention system. So, we ensured that the brain of our system communicates safely over Ethercat protocol, which offers the world’s fastest, most accurate and most robust information transfer. 

For safety systems, the technology the CAP9 provides isn’t additional, it’s essential.


We are the end-to-end manufacturers of the CAP9 Fire Prevention System. This means we control every aspect of the fire prevention system; from research and development, to design and engineering, manufacture and installation, and analysis and evaluation.