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Over the last decade Opsys has established itself as a leading provider of Cryogenic, high purity liquid and gas solutions within the UAE and across the Middle East. Our aim is to be the “go to” company in our field across the region by building on our growing reputation for partnering with our customers to deliver high value, high quality engineered products, solutions and services.

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Industry Sectors

Diverse Solutions For Diverse Industries

Food & Drink Processing, Packing & Preservation

Nitrogen and gas dosing systems are designed to supply a precise amount of liquid nitrogen or mixed gases into a food packaging or drink filling process so as to prolong the shelf life of the product, maintain product taste and add extra rigidity to the product packing.

Fruit Storage & Ripening

With a growing focus on food security and food waste, one way to improve the yield of certain types of fruit is through the management and control of the ripening process.

Health Care - Critical Storage

Our expertise in critical storage systems ensures the integrity and safe storage of critical samples. We do this by offering a range of cryogenic freezers and shippers designed to maintain the cold chain conditions and therefore preserve the samples for successful use in the laboratory or clinic when required.

Fitness – Altitude Training and Cryotherapy

With the growing demand from health and fitness enthusiasts to push the boundaries of their performance and recovery we offer a range of simulated high-altitude and cryotherapy solutions designed to meet this need.

Oxygen And Nitrogen Generators

We supply on-site gas generation and gas purifiers, as well as integrated solutions for compressed air and technical gases. Our portfolio includes nitrogen and generators, including Medical Oxygen and VSA Oxygen Generators solutions for purification of biogas.

Bespoke Solutions

Over the years we gained a hard-earned reputation for providing high quality solutions for difficult to solve problems relating to the industries we serve. As a result, we have done a lot of one-off bespoke work for customers who value what we do and who also need to ensure that they can work with someone who will finish their project no matter what the challenges.
Products & Partners

Opsys are proud to partner with some of the leading manufacturers in their field so that we can provide a full range of solutions to our customers.

Service & Support

Tailored Services For High Quality Delivery and Product Longevity

System Design

We provide a full system design service from the initial concept through to detailed engineering proposals. All designs reflect client needs in terms of operational performance, ease of use, serviceability and compliance to relevant industry standards and norms.

Installation & Commissioning

For the majority of customers, we offer a full installation and commissioning service. By doing this we can ensure that the proposed solution is delivered to the customer as quoted and is installed to the manufacturers, and industry recognised, standards.

AMC’s - Service, Maintenance & Repair

Our Annual Maintenance Contract packages cover ongoing service, maintenance, and repair for various equipment and systems such as cryogenic gas installations, pipelines and manifolds, calibration of sensors, vacuum testing cryogenic storage tanks and servicing compressors and gas generators.

Orbital Welding

Orbital welding is a specialized welding process used to join pipes or tubes with high precision and quality. It is commonly employed in industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and semiconductor manufacturing, where the integrity, quality, and reliability of weld joints are critical.

Calibration & Testing

Regular calibration and testing of equipment and sensors ensures consistent and accurate functionality in line with the manufacturers and industry recommendations thus ensuring the long-term integrity of a product, application, or process.

Cryogenic Tank Vacuuming & Repairs

We offer full inspection and periodic testing of cryogenic tanks as per international standards. This includes recalibrating and servicing of all valves, gauges and connecting pipelines.
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