Fitness – Altitude Training and Cryotherapy

With the growing demand from health and fitness enthusiasts to push the boundaries of their performance and recovery we offer a range of simulated high-altitude and cryotherapy solutions designed to meet this need.

Hypoxic Chambers

We design, build, and maintain hypoxic chambers designed to meet the specific training needs of the customer.

Each system is designed to simulate high-altitude conditions by reducing the oxygen level as the altitude level increases. We can also manage temperature and humidity to recreate a more realistic scenario of the conditions likely to be faced.

Hypoxic chambers are mostly used to enhance the performance of athletes, as well as prepare an individual’s body for functioning at higher altitudes.

Hypoxic Home Systems

As an alternative to going to a specialised gym we also offer a range of products designed to enhance sports performance, acclimatisation, health, and research. These systems are designed for individual use in the gym, research lab, training camps or at home. Simple to use and set up they are more cost effective than a full chamber solution and ideal for small scale or part-time use.

Cryotherapy Chambers

Cryotherapy is a 2 – 4 minute exposure of the entire body to extreme cold, between -90 and -110° C. The body perceives the environment inside the cryochamber as a threat to survival and activates blood circulation and the body’s metabolism to protect the core temperature from dropping. This process benefits all essential organs and functions and helps with recovery, inflammation, pain as well as helping to boost energy and performance and improve sleep.
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