Health Care – Critical Storage

Our expertise in critical storage systems ensures the integrity and safe storage of critical samples. We do this by offering a range of cryogenic freezers and shippers designed to maintain the cold chain conditions and therefore preserve the samples for successful use in the laboratory or clinic when required.

IVF Freezers

We provide a range of IVF freezers which can hold up to 127,000 2ml vials. They come with a range of features including simple user controls, ease of access and storage, wi-fi and LAN connectivity, text and email alerts and redundant cloud back up.


Our range of cryogenic freezer containers are ideal for long-term storage of biogenic sample material in liquid nitrogen therefore offering many possible applications in laboratories and technology. The vessels are equipped with stainless steel racks for storing of samples in vial boxes and freezer bags and come in a range of sizes.

Dry Shipper

Our range of aluminium dry shippers are portable cryogenic freezer containers specially designed for the transport of biogenic material in liquid nitrogen. The container design absorbs the liquid nitrogen and allows safe transport without the risk of spilling, while the valuable material remains safely cooled at the lowest possible temperature.

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